Library Bulletin Board:

1. The library makes its bulletin board in the entrance area available for the use of those needing to post information. Certain rules apply:

a. The information posted must be for all community members

b. There should be no fee charged for participation in the advertised event

c. The organization doing the posting should be a non-profit or government organization.

d. The library‚Äôs materials will take precedence.

e. The library will remove any postings which do not meet the above criteria

f. The philosophies of the groups posting materials are not necessarily those of the library, its staff or board members.

2. The Library Board of Trustees is the final arbiter of any question as to the use of the library. However, when a question arises concerning the propriety of allowing thebulletin board to be used by a particular group, or for a particular purpose, the board delegates to the Director the authority to interpret this policy.


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